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I managed to disable all of our photos on the blog…my apologies!

All of them are still available on the flickr page here:


I’ll get them fixed up ASAP!  In the mean time, here’s some of the latest and greatest of our baby girl.





A few weeks ago I checked out Nick Malgaieri’s book titled: bake!– Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking, and after looking through it I decided to make a few loaves of plain white bread and apple strudel.

The white bread rose beautifully, and I learned a new technique for ensuring soft crust by brushing on melted butter.  I was also really happy with the apple strudel.  The multiple steps were a little daunting at first for making the Danish pastry dough, but after I decided to stop reading the whole recipe over and over trying to get a complete  picture of the steps and start just doing the steps one at time, it went much better.

We now have one extra loaf of bread in the freezer, and as soon as the strudel is cool, I’ll be adding most of it to the freezer as well, so I will not eat it all, which would mean eating nearly three sticks of butter!

Marshall’s New Baby

Ok, before a rumor starts I better clarify…Marshall’s baby is a truck, which I fondly call his Iron Whale.  He bought it from a guy in Arizona, and it will be a labor of love for many years from now.  So far he has put in weather stripping, sound proofing paneling, a new dashboard cover, and new seat belts.  It has been fun watching him work on it and listen to him explain in detail all the plans he has for it.  Here’s a photo of his new love:

Fun with Felt

Right before Christmas I was inspired by one of my favorite blogs to make some felt adornments for gifts for my family.  Here’s what I made:

I then got on a felt kick and have since then bought some white  felt from the remnant bin and put this together for Audrey’s room a few weeks ago:

Here’s a close up for the bottom left roses:

I can hardly believe it that our baby is already four months old!   Time is definitely flying by, and she is growing more each day than I ever imagined.  Last week Audrey had her four month check-up.  She weighed 15 lbs 9 oz and measured 27 1/2 inches, which puts her at the 90th percentile for weight and off the charts for height!  Our pediatrician told me that she is as tall as a nine month old!  No wonder I’m having trouble keeping this girlie in clothes!

This past month Audrey has become increasingly chatty.  She loves to blow bubbles and chew on anything that she can get into her mouth.  She is also rolling over, however, gets stuck on her belly which she finds frustrating and keeps us busy flipping her back over.  Her favorite things continue to be the beloved ceiling fan, pot rack, Nyah and Ko, the swing, anything that lights up and sparkles, mirrors, and of course, her mom and dad.

We took a few photos of Audrey with a new toy that unexpectedly arrived in the mail.  Here’s our girlie with her new piggy:

We had one of our very best Christmas holidays this year!  Keith and Lacey flew from Austin to spend Christmas with us and to meet Audrey.  We had a great time hanging around the house eating and talking and spent some time exploring around Vegas.  The Cosmopolitan at City Center had opened just in time for their visit which we checked out.  We also ate some amazing Japanese food at Swish restaurant, walked around the Bellagio, and did some shopping at Town Center.

On Tuesday morning Keith and Lacey headed out for Olympia to visit Keith’s mom, and we left in the afternoon for Spokane to see Marshall’s parents.  We were greeted in Spokane by Marshall’s parents, sister and brother-in-law, as well as cold, cold weather!  On Wednesday the snow arrived, and by the end of the week, temperatures dropped down to one degree.  Audrey had a great time being entertained and held by everyone, and we really enjoyed seeing her with Marshall’s family!

Here’s some photos from the week:


Audrey spent her first night in a hotel this past weekend in Springdale, UT, which is right outside of Zion National Park.  Despite being a little overcast, the weather was great!  The town had a small parade on Saturday night.  Audrey slept through it and did not even wake up when the firetruck turned on the siren.  On Sunday we headed over to St. George for Special Meeting.  Here’s some pics from the weekend.

Looking out from our hotel room.   We stayed at the Desert Pearl.

View from our room!

Audrey with her Dad waiting for the parade to begin.  Audrey is wearing her cute snow outfit from Shane and Jayna and her boots from Sallie!  Thanks to our wonderful friends for keeping our girlie warm!

Waiting for the parade was a little too exhausting for Audrey!  Marshall, however, managed to stay awake.

The parade only lasted for about 5 minutes.

Our last view of the parade.


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